Petrologic and geophysical sources of long wavelength crustal magnetic anomalies.

B. D. Marsh, C. M. Schlinger

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The magnetic mineralogy and magnetic properties of the deep crust are studied as they pertain to the interpretation of long wavelength, or regional, crustal magnetic anomalies in satellite magnetic data and near surface magnetic data. The conclusions have relevance to the understanding of regional magnetic anomalies in magnetic field measuring satellite missions data. There are two separable studies: 1) a synthesis of available information of regional magnetic anomalies and the magnetization of metamorphic and igenous rocks, and 2) a detailed field, analytical, and experimental study of in situ and laboratory specimens from a terrain that offers explosures of high grade granlite facies rocks that have associated regional magnetic and gravity anomalies. -from STAR, 22(18), 1984

Original languageEnglish (US)
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StatePublished - 1984

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