Non-isoplethic measurement on the solid-liquid-vapor equilibrium of binary mixtures at cryogenic temperatures

Shaelyn M. Raposa, Sugata P. Tan, William M. Grundy, Gerrick E. Lindberg, Jennifer Hanley, Jordan K. Steckloff, Stephen C. Tegler, Anna E. Engle, Cecilia L. Thieberger

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We measured the solid-liquid-vapor (SLV) equilibrium of binary mixtures during experiments that alternated between cooling the mixture and injecting the more-volatile component into the sample chamber; thus, the composition of the mixture changed (non-isoplethic) throughout the experiment. Four binary mixtures were used in the experiments to represent mixtures with miscible solid phases (N2/CO) and barely miscible solid solutions (N2/C2H6), as well as mixtures with intermediate solid miscibility (N2/CH4 and CO/CH4). We measured new SLV pressure data for the binary mixtures, except for N2/CH4, which are also available in the literature for verification in this work. While these mixtures are of great interest in planetary science and cryogenics, the resulting pressure data are also needed for modeling purposes. We found the results for N2/CH4 to be consistent with the literature. The resulting new SLV curve for CO/CH4 shows similarities to N2/CH4. Both have two density inversion points (bracketing the temperature range where the solid floats). This result is important for places such as Pluto, Triton, and Titan, where these mixtures exist in vapor, liquid, and solid phases. Based on our experiments, the presence of a eutectic is unlikely for the N2/CH4 and CO/CH4 systems. An azeotrope with or without a peritectic is likely, but further investigations are needed to confirm. The N2/CO system does not have a density inversion point, as the ice always sinks in its liquid. For N2/C2H6, new SLV pressure data were measured near each triple point of the pure components.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number064201
JournalJournal of Chemical Physics
Issue number6
StatePublished - Aug 14 2022

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  • Physical and Theoretical Chemistry


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