Noise Induced DNA Damage Within the Auditory Nerve

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An understanding of the molecular pathology that underlies noise induced neurotoxicity is a prerequisite to the design of targeted therapies. The objective of the current experiment was to determine whether or not DNA damage is part of the pathophysiologic sequela of noise induced neurotoxicity. The experiment consisted of 41 hooded Long-Evans rats (2 month old males) that were randomized into control and noise exposed groups. Both the control and the noise group followed the same time schedule and therefore started and ended the experiment together. The noise dose consisted of a 6000 Hz noise band at 105 dB SPL. Temporal bones from both groups were harvested, and immunohistochemistry was used to identify neurons with DNA damage. Quantitative morphometric analyses was then employed to determine the level of DNA damage. Neural action potentials were recorded to assess the functional impact of noise induced DNA damage. Immunohistochemical reactions revealed that the noise exposure precipitated DNA damage within the nucleus of auditory neurons. Quantitative morphometry confirmed the noise induced increase in DNA damage levels and the precipitation of DNA damage was associated with a significant loss of nerve sensitivity. Therefore, DNA damage is part of the molecular pathology that drives noise induced neurotoxicity. Anat Rec, 300:520–526, 2017.

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JournalAnatomical Record
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StatePublished - Mar 1 2017


  • DNA repair
  • cochlea
  • neuron
  • noise-induced hearing loss

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