Media rich instruction: Connecting curriculum to all learners

Rosemary Papa

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E-learning has brought an enormous change to instruction, in terms of both rules and tools. Contemporary education requires diverse and creative uses of media technology to keep students engaged and to keep up with rapid developments in the ways they learn and teachers teach."Media RichInstruction" addresses these requirements with up-to-date learning theory and practices that incorporate innovative platforms for information delivery into traditional areas such as learning skills and learner characteristics. Experts in media rich classroom experiences and online instruction delve into the latest findings on student cognitive processes and motivation to learn while offering multimedia classroom strategies geared to specific curriculum areas. Advances such as personal learning environments, gamification, and the Massive Open Online Course are analyzed in the context of their potential for collaborative and transformative learning. And each chapter features key questions and application activities to make coverage especially practical across grade levels and learner populations. Among the topics included: Building successful learning experiences online.Language and literacy, reading and writing.Mathematics teaching and learning with and through education technology.Learning science through experiment and practice.Social studies teaching for learner engagement.The arts and Technology.Connecting school to community.At a time when many are pondering the future of academic standards and student capacity to learn, "Media Rich Instruction" is a unique source of concrete knowledge and useful ideas for current and future researchers and practitioners in media rich instructional strategies and practices.

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StatePublished - Jan 1 2014

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