Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy Using Incoherent Light Detection †

Mariana Potcoava, Christopher Mann, Jonathan Art, Simon Alford

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We previously developed an incoherent holography technique for use in lattice light sheet (LLS) microscopes that represents a specialized adaptation of light sheet microscopy. Light sheet instruments resolve 3D information by illuminating the sample at 90° to the imaging plane with a sheet of laser light that excites fluorophores in the sample only in a narrow plane. Imaging this plane and then moving it in the imaging z-axis allows construction of the sample volume. Among these types of instruments, LLS microscopy gives higher z-axis resolution and tissue depth penetration. It has a similar working principle to light sheet fluorescence microscopy but uses a lattice configuration of Bessel beams instead of Gaussian beams. Our incoherent light detection technique replaces the glass tube lens of the original LLS with a dual diffractive lens system to retrieve the axial depth of the sample. Here, we show that the system is applicable to all light sheet instruments. To make a direct comparison in the same emission light path, we can imitate the nature of non-Bessel light sheet systems by altering the mask annuli used to create Bessel beams in the LLS system. We change the diffractive mask annuli from a higher NA anulus to a smaller NA anulus. This generates a Gaussian excitation beam similar to conventional light sheet systems. Using this approach, we propose an incoherent light detection system for light sheet 3D imaging by choosing a variable NA and moving only the light sheet while keeping the sample stage and detection microscope objective stationary.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number16
JournalEngineering Proceedings
Issue number1
StatePublished - 2023


  • fluorescent microscopy
  • incoherent holography
  • light sheet

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