Identifying Factors Driving U.S. Consumer Dietary Patterns: A Qualitative Study With Industry Leaders

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As the current literature and media continue to focus on the role of the production and consumption of animals within the food system, awareness of the devastating health, animal welfare, and environmental outcomes increases. With the omnivore majority present in the US, there is a compelling narrative forming in shifting away from a predominant animal product-focused consumption to more plant-based eating. While ample research has focused on individual psychology and public health elements of diet change, this research provides a novel lens into the social, cultural, and financial factors to unpack the mechanisms of change across the food system. This analysis offers a comprehensive examination of the challenges of an animal-centric food system and the benefits of a plant-based food system. From this understanding, we provide insight into several concepts for why change is occurring. To gain a better understanding of potential drivers, catalysts, and barriers of this plant-based shift, 33 leaders, innovators, and educators connected to the plant-based industry were interviewed. The analysis concludes that the drivers are multifaceted and interconnected and provide the potential for positive societal transformation. This research can be utilized to better aid businesses, organizations, policies, healthcare practitioners, and educational efforts around this transition.

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JournalAmerican Journal of Lifestyle Medicine
StateAccepted/In press - 2023


  • food system
  • minority influence
  • plant-based
  • vegan

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