Geologic tours in the Las Vegas area

B. W. Purkey, Ernest M Duebendorfer, E. I. Smith, J. G. Price, S. B. Castor

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Five trips are offered in this book. Total mileage and information on services along the routes are given. Trip 1 highlights the spectacular Wilson Cliffs and Red Rock Valley area in the central Spring Mountains. Trip 2 takes the traveler to springs north of Las Vegas that were once the sites of vast glacial lakes, and then climbs through a series of life zones - desert through arctic alpine - in a drive through the northern Spring Mountains. Trip 3 heads east of Las Vegas past Frenchman Mountain and along Northshore Road in very distorted and brilliantly colored rocks to Overton and the Valley of Fire State Park. Trip 4 highlights the recent volcanic activity in the Hoover Dam and Boulder City area. Along the way, classic features of the Basin and Range province can be observed. Finally, Trip 5 turns the traveler's focus to Las Vegas Valley and the recent geologic processes along with man's influence observable right in the city. -Authors

Original languageEnglish (US)
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StatePublished - 1994

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