Gemini North Adaptive Optics (GNAO) facility overview and status updates

Gaetano Sivo, Julia Scharwächter, Manuel Lazo, Célia Blain, Stephen Goodsell, Marcos van Dam, Martin Tschimmel, Henry Roe, Jennifer Lotz, Kim Tomassino-Reed, William Rambold, Courtney Raich, Ricardo Cardenes, Angelic Ebbers, Tim Gaggstatter, Pedro Gigoux, Thomas Schneider, Charles Cavedoni, Stacy Kang, Stanislas KarewiczHeather Carr, Jesse Ball, Paul Hirst, Emmanuel Chirre, John White, Lindsay Magill, Molly Grogan, Anne Jordan, Suresh Sivanandam, Masen Lamb, Adam Muzzin, Eduardo Marin, Scott Chapman, Jennifer Dunn, Dan Kerley, Jean Pierre Véran, Morten Andersen, Franck Marchis, Ruben Diaz, John Blakeslee, Michael Pierce, Rodrigo Carrasco, Hwyhyun Kim, Anja Feldmeier-Krause, Alan McConnachie, James Jee, Wesley Fraser, Mark Ammons, Christopher Packham, John Bally, Trent Dupuy, Daniel Huber, Marie Lemoine-Busserole, Thomas Puzia, Paolo Turri, Chadwick Trujillo, Janice Lee

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The Gemini North Adaptive Optics (GNAO) facility is the upcoming AO facility for Gemini North providing a state-of-the-art AO system for surveys and time domain science in the era of JWST and Rubin operations. GNAO will be optimized to feed the Gemini infrared Multi Object Spectrograph (GIRMOS). While GIRMOS is the primary science driver for defining the capabilities of GNAO, any instrument operating with an f/32 beam can be deployed using GNAO. The GNAO project includes the development of a new laser guide star facility which will consist of four side-launched laser beams supporting the two primary AO modes of GNAO: a wide-field mode providing an improved image quality over natural seeing for a 2-arcminute circular field-of-view and a narrow-field mode providing near diffraction-limited performance over a 20 × 20 arcsecond square field-of-view. The GNAO wide field mode will enable GIRMOS's multi-IFU configuration in which the science beam to each individual IFU will be additionally corrected using multi-object AO within GIRMOS. The GNAO narrow field mode will feed the GIRMOS tiled IFU configuration in which all IFUs are combined into a “super”-IFU in the center of the field. GNAO also includes the development of a new Real Time Controller, a new GNAO Facility System Controller and finally the development of a new AO Bench. We present in this paper an overview of the GNAO facility and provide a status update of each product.

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Title of host publicationAdaptive Optics Systems VIII
EditorsLaura Schreiber, Dirk Schmidt, Elise Vernet
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StatePublished - 2022
EventAdaptive Optics Systems VIII 2022 - Montreal, Canada
Duration: Jul 17 2022Jul 22 2022

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NameProceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering
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ConferenceAdaptive Optics Systems VIII 2022


  • Adaptive Optics
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  • Laser Guide Star

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