Footprints of educational leaders without borders

Rosemary Papa

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The footprints all educators leave are immeasurable; we are the human beings that have chosen to be of service to the future of humanity. Often unseen or unnoticed, as FS Scholars/ELWBs, we participate in the generating of new knowledge, rethinking how it is that we think about our thinking, with the hope to understand the ways of political polarization ideologues and the economics maniacal-power that privatization with the rapid expansion of the new hero savior called technology and with its accompanying dehumanization outcomes focused on outputs and the replacement of the human being. Meanwhile, battered as educators are in the U.S., around the world, we have read in this book Chapters one through nine, that many places today are 'hot spots' filled with ideology that is equally anti-female, anti-western style education, anti-nonreligious teaching using religious justifications to hurt little girls and lesser so but also boys, keep them from going to school, keep them from becoming literate, raping them as prizes of war, girl-child brides to control them as possessions leading to adult women ignorant about the 21st century, paid unequal wages for the same work, damning a whole profession like teaching because it is female dominant. I could be referring to any given country in the world today. As educator leaders we commit to exploring the future with brave hearts and behave as educators curious and unafraid to seek different ideas, expand ideas, discover new ideas, and imaginatively (Papa 2011b, May) challenge the status-quo of traditional education thought.

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StatePublished - Jun 23 2015


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