Emirates Mars Mission Characterization of Mars Atmosphere Dynamics and Processes

Hessa Almatroushi, Hoor AlMazmi, Noora AlMheiri, Mariam AlShamsi, Eman AlTunaiji, Khalid Badri, Robert J. Lillis, Fatma Lootah, Maryam Yousuf, Sarah Amiri, David A. Brain, Michael Chaffin, Justin Deighan, Christopher S. Edwards, Francois Forget, Michael D. Smith, Michael J. Wolff, Philip R. Christensen, Scott England, Matthew FillingimGregory M. Holsclaw, Sonal Jain, Andrew R. Jones, Mikki Osterloo, Bruce M. Jakosky, Janet G. Luhmann, Roland M.B. Young

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The Emirates Mars Mission (EMM) – Hope Probe – was developed to understand Mars atmospheric circulation, dynamics, and processes through characterization of the Mars atmosphere layers and its interconnections enabled by a unique high-altitude (19,970 km periapse and 42,650 km apoapse) low inclination orbit that will offer an unprecedented local and seasonal time coverage over most of the planet. EMM has three scientific objectives to (A) characterize the state of the Martian lower atmosphere on global scales and its geographic, diurnal and seasonal variability, (B) correlate rates of thermal and photochemical atmospheric escape with conditions in the collisional Martian atmosphere, and (C) characterize the spatial structure and variability of key constituents in the Martian exosphere. The EMM data products include a variety of spectral and imaging data from three scientific instruments measuring Mars at visible, ultraviolet, and infrared wavelengths and contemporaneously and globally sampled on both diurnal and seasonal timescale. Here, we describe our strategies for addressing each objective with these data in addition to the complementary science data, tools, and physical models that will facilitate our understanding. The results will also fill a unique role by providing diagnostics of the physical processes driving atmospheric structure and dynamics, the connections between the lower and upper atmospheres, and the influences of these on atmospheric escape.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number89
JournalSpace Science Reviews
Issue number8
StatePublished - Dec 2021


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  • EMM
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  • Mars
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