Early childhood experiences and their link to the life trajectories of children

Pamela Jane Powell, Martha Munoz

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The early childhood years lay the foundation for the life trajectories of children. Appropriate and quality health, care, and education compose a trio of basic needs for children to assist them in a strong start in school and in life. Children who do not have basic needs met in these areas may suffer consequences long beyond the early childhood years related to deficits experienced during the years of birth through age 8. Children living in poverty are particularly vulnerable to the effects of early childhood deprivation. The importance of appropriate healthcare, childcare, and education are vital to the growing child. Developmentally appropriate ways of meeting the child and his needs are also important to the nurturance of young children’s intellect and developing personalities.

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Title of host publicationSocial Justice Instruction
Subtitle of host publicationEmpowerment on the Chalkboard
PublisherSpringer International Publishing
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StatePublished - Jan 1 2016


  • Early childhood outcomes
  • Early childhood poverty
  • Early childhood trajectories

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