Cumulative response of ecosystem carbon and nitrogen stocks to chronic CO2 exposure in a subtropical oak woodland

Bruce A. Hungate, Paul Dijkstra, Zhuoting Wu, Benjamin D. Duval, Frank P. Day, Dale W. Johnson, J. Patrick Megonigal, Alisha L.P. Brown, Jay L. Garland

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  • Carbon, nitrogen and tracer 15N recovered in aboveground oak tissues in central coastal Florida

    Duval, B. D. (Contributor), Dijkstra, P. (Contributor), Hymus, G. (Contributor), Johnson, D. W. (Contributor), Duval, B. D. (Contributor), Brown, A. L. P. (Contributor), Day, F. P. (Contributor), Moan, J. L. (Contributor), Dijkstra, P. (Contributor), Dijkstra, P. (Contributor), Stiling, P. (Contributor), Stiling, P. (Contributor), Langley, J. A. (Contributor), Hungate, B. A. (Contributor), Li, J. (Contributor), Wu, Z. (Contributor), Johnson, D. W. (Contributor), Hinkle, C. R. (Contributor), Johnson, D. W. (Contributor), Hungate, B. A. (Contributor), Drake, B. G. (Contributor), Megonigal, J. P. (Contributor), Pagel, A. L. (Contributor), Day, F. (Contributor), Hungate, B. A. (Contributor), Hinkle, C. R. (Contributor) & Garland, J. L. (Contributor), Zenodo, Jun 5 2015