Crustal structure of the Mid Black Sea High from wide-angle seismic data

D. J. Shillington, T. A. Minshull, R. A. Edwards, N. White

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The Mid Black SeaHigh comprises two en echelon basement ridges, theArchangelsky and Andrusov ridges, that separate the western and eastern Black Sea basins. The sediment cover above these ridges has been characterized by extensive seismic reflection data, but the crustal structure beneath is poorly known.We present results froma densely sampled wide-angle seismic profile, coincidentwith a pre-existing seismic reflection profile,which elucidates the crustal structure.Weshowthat the basement ridges are covered by approximately 1-2 km of pre-rift sedimentary rocks. The Archangelsky Ridge has higher pre-rift sedimentary velocities and higher velocities at the top of basement (c. 6 km s-1). The Andrusov Ridge has lower pre-rift sedimentary velocities and velocities less than 5 km s-1 at the top of the basement. Both ridges are underlain by approximately 20-km-thick crust with velocities reaching around 7.2 km s-1 at their base, interpreted as thinned continental crust. These high velocities are consistent with the geology of the Pontides, which is formed of accreted island arcs, oceanic plateaux and accretionary complexes. The crustal thickness implies crustal thinning factors of approximately 1.5-2. The differences between the ridges reflect different sedimentary and tectonic histories.

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JournalGeological Society Special Publication
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StatePublished - 2018
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