Aberration-corrected electron microscopy of nanoparticles

Miguel José Yacamán, Ulises Santiago, Sergio Mejía-Rosales

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The early history of scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) is reviewed as a way to frame the technical issues that make aberration correction an essential upgrade for the study of nanoparticles using STEM. The principles of aberration correction are explained, and the use of aberration-corrected microscopy in the study of nanostructures is exemplified in order to remark the features and challenges in the use of this measuring technique.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationAdvanced Transmission Electron Microscopy
Subtitle of host publicationApplications to Nanomaterials
PublisherSpringer International Publishing
Number of pages30
ISBN (Electronic)9783319151779
ISBN (Print)9783319151762
StatePublished - Jan 1 2015
Externally publishedYes

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