A framework for electric vehicle power supply chain development

Shi Lefeng, Lv Shengnan, Liu Chunxiu, Zhou Yue, Liana Cipcigan, Thomas L. Acker

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One anticipated pathway in society's decarbonization is the electrification of the transportation sector. From a power system perspective, transitioning to electric vehicles (EVs) presages many impacts, both positive and negative. This study utilizes the theoretical framework of business model theory and a review of the existing literature to portray a rational development path for the electric vehicle power supply chain (EVPSC). Three phases of development were identified in which EVs transition from the present day's low utilization, to rapid development, to a mature technology dominating the transportation sector. Within these phases, the business content, business structure, and corresponding coordination modes were analyzed and discussed. The three phases of development are shown to dynamically interact, between development phases and the business models, providing insight into the content of the EVPSC. Such insight is necessary for developing coherent policies and institutional supports to foster efficient development of the EVPSC. This study provides a new perspective about EVPSC development, answers the core question on how to realize the coordinated development between EVs and the electric power system chain (EPSC) based on the model of EVPSC, and provides recommendations on the establishment of business models for the future EVPSC.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number101042
JournalUtilities Policy
StatePublished - Jun 2020


  • Business model
  • Charging services
  • Discharging services
  • Electric vehicle
  • Power supply chain

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