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  • Canopy Height - Africa

    Venter, O. (Contributor), Hansen, A. (Contributor), Phillips, L. (Contributor), Jantz, P. (Contributor), Supples, C. (Contributor), Goetz, S. J. (Contributor), Atkinson, S. (Contributor), Watson, J. E. M. (Contributor), Hansen, M. (Contributor), Barnett, K. (Contributor), Rodríguez-Buritica, S. (Contributor), Virnig, A. (Contributor), De Camargo, R. (Contributor), Burns, P. (Contributor) & Ervin, J. (Contributor), figshare Academic Research System, Jan 1 2019


  • Sinks for nitrogen inputs in terrestrial ecosystems: a meta-analysis of 15N tracer field studies

    Osenberg, C. W. (Contributor), Sommerkorn, M. (Contributor), D'Antonio, C. M. (Contributor), Goodale, C. L. (Contributor), Schleppi, P. (Contributor), Holland, K. (Contributor), Hooper, D. U. (Contributor), Emmett, B. A. (Contributor), Wessel, W. W. (Contributor), Crook, H. D. (Contributor), Epstein, H. E. (Contributor), Tietema, A. (Contributor), Hobbie, S. E. (Contributor), Currie, W. S. (Contributor), Hungate, B. A. (Contributor), Nadelhoffer, K. J. (Contributor), Lamontagne, S. (Contributor), Compton, J. E. (Contributor), Chapin III, I. F. S. (Contributor), Curtis, C. J. (Contributor), Gundersen, P. (Contributor), Mack, M. C. (Contributor), Dail, D. B. (Contributor), Christenson, L. M. (Contributor), Spoelstra, J. (Contributor), Schmidt, I. K. (Contributor), Schimel, J. (Contributor), Perakis, S. S. (Contributor), Templer, P. H. (Contributor) & Zak, D. R. (Contributor), figshare Academic Research System, Jan 1 2016


  • Phase 2 study of buparlisib (BKM120), a pan-class I PI3K inhibitor, in patients with metastatic triple-negative breast cancer

    Paré, L. (Contributor), Saura, C. (Contributor), Gavilá, J. (Contributor), Mills, G. B. (Contributor), Céliz, P. (Contributor), Ciruelos, E. (Contributor), Krop, I. E. (Contributor), Arteaga, C. L. (Contributor), Villagrasa, P. (Contributor), Garrido-Castro, A. C. (Contributor), Guo, H. (Contributor), Xu, Z. (Contributor), Lin, N. U. (Contributor), Serra, V. (Contributor), Li, Y. (Contributor), Barroso-Sousa, R. (Contributor), Bermejo, B. (Contributor), Prat, A. (Contributor), Rodon, J. (Contributor), Winer, E. P. (Contributor), Solit, D. B. (Contributor), Cantley, L. C. (Contributor) & Savoie, J. (Contributor), figshare Academic Research System, Jan 1 2020