Ultra-low 0.034 dB/m loss wafer-scale integrated photonics realizing 720 million Q and 380 μW threshold Brillouin lasing

  • Kaikai Liu (Contributor)
  • Naijun Jin (Creator)
  • Haotian Cheng (Creator)
  • Nitesh Chauhan (Creator)
  • Matthew W. Puckett (Creator)
  • Karl D. Nelson (Creator)
  • Ryan Behunin (Creator)
  • Peter Rakich (Creator)
  • Daniel J. Blumenthal (Creator)



We demonstrate 0.034 dB/m loss waveguides in a 200-mm wafer-scale, silicon nitride (Si3N4) CMOS-foundry-compatible integration platform. We fabricate resonators that measure up to 720 million intrinsic Q resonator at 1615 nm wavelength with a 258 kHz intrinsic linewidth. This resonator is used to realize a Brillouin laser with an energy-efficient 380 µW threshold power. The performance is achieved by reducing scattering losses through a combination of single mode TM waveguide design and an etched blanket-layer LPCVD 80 nm Si3N4 waveguide core combined with thermal oxide lower and TEOS-PECVD upper oxide cladding. This level of performance will enable photon preservation and energy efficient generation of spectrally-pure light needed for photonic integration of a wide range of future precision scientific applications including quantum, precision metrology, and optical atomic clocks.
Date made available2022
PublisherOptica Publishing Group

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