Supporting documents from Sex-biased infections scale to population impacts for an emerging wildlife disease

  • Macy J. Kailing (Creator)
  • Joseph R. Hoyt (Creator)
  • J. Paul White (Creator)
  • Heather M. Kaarakka (Creator)
  • Jennifer A. Redell (Creator)
  • Ariel E. Leon (Creator)
  • Tonie E. Rocke (Creator)
  • John E. DePue (Contributor)
  • William H. Scullon (Creator)
  • Katy L. Parise (Creator)
  • Jeff Foster (Creator)
  • A. Marm Kilpatrick (Creator)
  • Kate E. Langwig (Creator)



Contains supplemental appendix, tables, figures, and additional methods description
Date made available2023
PublisherThe Royal Society

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