Supplementary material 1 from: Baskauf SJ, Girón Duque JC, Nielsen M, Cobb NS, Singer R, Seltmann KC, Kachian Z, Pérez M, Agosti D, Klompen AML (2023) Implementation Experience Report for Controlled Vocabularies Used with the Audubon Core Terms subjectPart and subjectOrientation. Biodiversity Information Science and Standards 7: e94188.

  • Steven Baskauf (Contributor)
  • Neil Cobb (Contributor)
  • Randal A. Singer (Contributor)
  • Katja Seltmann (Contributor)
  • Donat Agosti (Contributor)
  • Anna Klompen (Contributor)



Views Controlled Vocabularies testing notes
Date made availableJan 7 2023

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