Student and Faculty Perspectives of Inclusive Teaching Practices in Teacher Training Degree Programs

  • Marta Sandoval (Contributor)
  • Alma M. Sandigo (Contributor)
  • Carmen Márquez Vázquez (Contributor)
  • Cecilia Simon (Contributor)



ABSTRACT: This study focuses on student and faculty perceptions about inclusive instructional practices in teacher training degree programs in three different universities (two in Spain and one in the USA). We synthetize this framework into four dimensions: (a) identifying students’ needs and strengths, (b) accessibility to physical spaces and materials, (c) methodologies and strategies to engage students, and (d) valuing diversity as a resource. A mixed methodology (questionnaire and interviews) was used to collect the information. Six hundred fifty-three university students and 35 faculty from the different education colleges participated in this study. Findings reveal the perceptions of students and faculty regarding both effective practices for diverse inclusive university classrooms as well as barriers to inclusion that affect learning in the participating institutions. Results reflect serious discrepancies between students and faculty members.
Date made availableJan 1 2021
Publisherfigshare Academic Research System

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