Species abundance information improves sequence taxonomy classification accuracy - HMP and NCBI data

  • Rob Knight (Contributor)
  • Nicholas A. Bokulich (Contributor)
  • Benjamin D. Kaehler (Contributor)
  • Daniel McDonald (Contributor)
  • Caporaso J. Gregory Caporaso (Northern Arizona University) (Contributor)
  • Gavin A. Huttley (Contributor)



Data used to test q2-clawback using taxonomic weights derived from shotgun sequencing experiments.

Includes reference sequences and taxonomies derived from the NCBI RefSeq database[1] and paired amplicon and shotgun sequencing results downloaded from the Human Microbiome Project[2].

1. O’Leary, N. A. et al. en. Nucleic Acids Res. 44, D733–45 (2016).
2. Huttenhower, C. et al. Nature 486, 207 (2012).
Date made availableJan 26 2019

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