Sinks for nitrogen inputs in terrestrial ecosystems: a meta-analysis of 15N tracer field studies

  • P. H. Templer (Contributor)
  • Michelle Mack (Contributor)
  • F. Stuart Chapin (Contributor)
  • L. M. Christenson (Contributor)
  • J. E. Compton (Contributor)
  • H. D. Crook (Contributor)
  • W. S. Currie (Contributor)
  • C. J. Curtis (Contributor)
  • D. B. Dail (Contributor)
  • C. M. D'Antonio (Contributor)
  • B. A. Emmett (Contributor)
  • H. E. Epstein (Contributor)
  • C. L. Goodale (Contributor)
  • P. Gundersen (Contributor)
  • S. E. Hobbie (Contributor)
  • K. Holland (Contributor)
  • D. U. Hooper (Contributor)
  • B.A. Hungate (Contributor)
  • S. Lamontagne (Contributor)
  • K. J. Nadelhoffer (Contributor)
  • C. W. Osenberg (Contributor)
  • S. S. Perakis (Contributor)
  • P. Schleppi (Contributor)
  • J. Schimel (Contributor)
  • I. K. Schmidt (Contributor)
  • M. Sommerkorn (Contributor)
  • J. Spoelstra (Contributor)
  • A. Tietema (Contributor)
  • W. W. Wessel (Contributor)
  • Donald R. Zak (Contributor)



Effects of anthropogenic nitrogen (N) deposition and the ability of terrestrial ecosystems to store carbon (C) depend in part on the amount of N retained in the system and its partitioning among plant and soil pools. We conducted a meta-analysis of studies at 48 sites across four continents that used enriched 15N isotope tracers in order to synthesize information about total ecosystem N retention (i.e., total ecosystem 15N recovery in plant and soil pools) across natural systems and N partitioning among ecosystem pools. The greatest recoveries of ecosystem 15N tracer occurred in shrublands (mean, 89.5%) and wetlands (84.8%) followed by forests (74.9%) and grasslands (51.8%). In the short term (
Date made available2016
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  • Sinks for nitrogen inputs in terrestrial ecosystems: A meta-analysis of 15N tracer field studies

    Templer, P. H., Mack, M. C., Chapin, F. S., Christenson, L. M., Compton, J. E., Crook, H. D., Currie, W. S., Curtis, C. J., Dail, D. B., D'Antonio, C. M., Emmett, B. A., Epstein, H. E., Goodale, C. L., Gundersen, P., Hobbie, S. E., Holland, K., Hooper, D. U., Hungate, B. A., Lamontagne, S. & Nadelhoffer, K. J. & 10 others, Osenberg, C. W., Perakis, S. S., Schleppi, P., Schimel, J., Schmidt, I. K., Sommerkorn, M., Spoelstra, J., Tietema, A., Wessel, W. W. & Zak, D. R., Aug 2012, In: Ecology. 93, 8, p. 1816-1829 14 p.

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