Raw soil carbon dioxide, moisture, temperature and micrometeorological data in the East River Watershed, Colorado June 2021-October 2022. (DE-SC0021139)



This dataset contains raw data from four tripod stations along an elevation gradient on Snodgrass Mountain in the East River Watershed, CO, USA. Each station contains a datalogger connected to 3 soil Carbon Dioxide CO2 gas probes, 3 soil temperature/moisture sensors and a micrometeorological station. Sensors are scanned every minute, and the 30 minute average is reported. The file snodgrass_soil_ESS.csv contains raw data and a row of column descriptors and units of measurements. No data processing or QA/QC was done on the raw data sets. This research was performed to investigate the ecohydrological linkages of belowground carbon processes in the East River watershed forested communities to better understand how these ecosystems will respond to a changing cold-season moisture input.
Date made available2023
PublisherEnvironmental System Science Data Infrastructure for a Virtual Ecosystem; Ecohydrological controls on root and microbial respiration in the East River watershed of Colorado
Geographical coverageThese data were collected at 4 sites along the Snodgrass Mountain trail in the East River Watershed of Colorado USA (https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/colorado/snodgrass-mountain-trail). The trail begins near Gothic Road in meadow conditions and then cl

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