Proton and hydrogen transport through hydrogen environments: Ionization and Stripping

  • N. D. Cariatore (Contributor)
  • D. R. Schultz (Contributor)



Data is presented over a wide range of impact energies describing the ionization or stripping probability, projectile energy loss, and ejected electron and recoiling target energies and angles for proton- and hydrogen-passage through hydrogen astrophysical environments. These kinematic and reaction data are tabulated at three levels of detail for use in heavy-particle (H + , H) and secondary-electron transport simulations: (1) the integral scattering cross section and average values of the distributions of energy and angle of the particles, (2) the singly differential cross sections as a function of particle energy and angle, and (3) a subset of the many possible doubly differential cross sections as functions of the particle energy and angle chosen to be most relevant to transport simulations. We present the integral scattering cross section, average values and the singly differential cross sections (SDCS) in the manuscript. We have tabulated for dissemination via of the present website a subset of the many possible doubly differential cross sections (DDCS) as simultaneous functions of the particles’ energies and angles, chosen as being the most likely of them to be of use in simulations going to this level of description of the particles’ kinematics.
Date made availableJan 1 2020
PublisherHarvard Dataverse

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