PhenoCam Dataset v1.0: Digital Camera Imagery from the PhenoCam Network, 2000-2015

  • Andrew Richardson (Contributor)
  • Koen Hufkens (Contributor)
  • Tom Milliman (Contributor)
  • Donald M. Aubrecht (Contributor)
  • Min Chen (Contributor)
  • Josh M. Gray (Contributor)
  • Miriam R. Johnston (Contributor)
  • Trevor F. Keenan (Contributor)
  • Stephen T. Klosterman (Contributor)
  • Margaret Kosmala (Contributor)
  • Eli K. Melaas (Contributor)
  • Mark A. Friedl (Contributor)
  • Steve Frolking (Contributor)



This dataset provides a time series of visible-wavelength digital camera imagery collected through the PhenoCam Network at each of 133 sites in North America and Europe from 2000-2015. The raw imagery was used to derive information on phenology, including time series of vegetation color, canopy greenness, and phenology transition dates for the PhenoCam Dataset v1.0.

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