• Martin G. De Kauwe (Contributor)
  • G. Abramowitz (Contributor)
  • Kiona Ogle (Contributor)



This is the code related to the Biogeosciences manuscript "Examining the Role of Environmental Memory in the Predictability of Carbon and Water Fluxes Across Australian Ecosystems", https://doi.org/10.5194/bg-2021-254. Included are the Stochastic Antecedent Modelling code, examples of the workflows used to run this code and some functions used in the analysis such as those used to generate the model inputs, calculate the correlations between model outputs and site climate metrics, and to plot results. Only the NEE scripts have been uploaded here. Latent heat analysis used effectively the same scripts, but with amendments to names, file locations and certain cosmetic changes. All other files used in the analysis that are not available here can be provided upon request. They are not included here for purposes of brevity and clarity. Along the same lines, apologies for the messy nature of the scripts - many of them are from my first forays into R. See https://github.com/JDCP93/OzFlux_SAM for directory structure.
Date made availableMar 16 2022

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