Organic-Matter Accumulation and Degradation in Holocene Permafrost Deposits Along a Central Alaska Hillslope, 2020-2022



The quantity and preservation of carbon-rich organic matter (OM) underlying permafrost uplands, and the evolution of carbon accumulation with millennial climate change, are large sources of uncertainty in carbon cycle feedbacks on climate change. We investigated permafrost OM accumulation and degradation over the Holocene using a transect of sediment cores dating back to at least c. 6-8 ka, from a hillslope in the Eight Mile Lake watershed, central Alaska. This dataset collected from four permafrost sediment cores includes a variety of biogeochemical datasets including radiocarbon, carbon, nitrogen, particle size, amino acids (concentrations and D:L), bulk density and water content.
Date made available2023
PublisherNSF Arctic Data Center

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