NACP MsTMIP: Global 0.5-degree Model Outputs in Standard Format, Version 2.0

  • D.N. Huntzinger (Creator)
  • Kevin Schaefer (Contributor)
  • C. Schwalm (Woods Hole Research Center) (Creator)
  • Daniel J. Hayes (Creator)
  • A. M. Michalak (Creator)
  • Yaxing Wei (Creator)
  • Atul Jain (Creator)
  • Hannah R. Kolus (Creator)
  • J. Mao (Creator)
  • B. Poulter (Creator)
  • X. Shi (Creator)
  • Hanqin Tian (Creator)
  • A. R. Jacobson (Creator)
  • M. A. Arain (Creator)
  • Philippe Ciais (Creator)
  • M. Sikka (Creator)
  • Yasin Elshorbany (Creator)
  • F. Maignan (Creator)
  • Nicholas Parazoo (Creator)
  • D. M. Ricciuto (Creator)
  • J Yang (Creator)



This dataset provides version 2 of global gridded estimates of carbon, energy, and hydrologic fluxes between the land and atmosphere from 17 Terrestrial Biosphere Models (TBMs) participating the Multi-scale Synthesis and Terrestrial Model Intercomparison Project (MsTMIP). Model estimates are at monthly and yearly time steps for the period 1901 to 2010, with a spatial resolution of 0.5 degree x 0.5 degree globally, excluding Antarctica. The 17 TBMs include BIOME-BGC, CLM4, DLEM, GTEC, JPL-CENTURY, LPJ-wsl, SiB3, TEM6, VEGAS2.1, CLASS-CTEM-N, CLM4VIC, ISAM, JPL-HYLAND, ORCHIDEE-LSCE, SiBCASA, TRIPLEX-GHG, VISIT. An ensemble of key output variables (i.e., GPP, NEE, NEP, NPP, TotalResp, TotLivBiom, and TotSoilCarb) from these 17 TBMS is also provided.
Date made available2021
PublisherORNL Distributed Active Archive Center
Date of data productionJan 1 2001 - Dec 31 2010
Geospatial Polygon-90.0, 180.0, 90.0, -180.0

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