NACP MsTMIP: Global 0.5-degree Model Outputs in Standard Format, Version 1.0

  • Hanqin Tian (Contributor)
  • Chaoqun Lu (Contributor)
  • Jia Yang (Creator)
  • Deborah N. Huntzinger (Contributor)
  • Christopher R. Schwalm (Contributor)
  • A. M. Michalak (Contributor)
  • Robert Cook (Contributor)
  • Philippe Ciais (Contributor)
  • Daniel J. Hayes (Contributor)
  • Maoyi Huang (Contributor)
  • Akihiko Ito (Contributor)
  • Atul Jain (Contributor)
  • Huimin Lei (Contributor)
  • J. Mao (Contributor)
  • S. Peng (Contributor)
  • B. Poulter (Contributor)
  • D. M. Ricciuto (Contributor)
  • Kevin Schaefer (Contributor)
  • X. Shi (Contributor)
  • Bo Tao (Contributor)
  • W. Wang (Contributor)
  • Yaxing Wei (Contributor)
  • N. Zeng (Contributor)
  • Mengtian Huang (Contributor)
  • M. A. Arain (Contributor)
  • Joshua B. Fisher (Contributor)
  • C. Peng (Contributor)
  • Q. Zhu (Contributor)



This data set provides global gridded estimates of carbon, energy, and hydrologic fluxes between the land and atmosphere from 15 Terrestrial Biosphere Models (TBMs) in a standard format. Model estimates are at monthly and yearly time steps for the period 1900 to 2010, with a spatial resolution of 0.5 degree x 0.5 degree globally, excluding Antarctica.
Date made available2018
PublisherORNL Distributed Active Archive Center

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