Metadata record for: The Fire and Tree Mortality Database, for empirical modeling of individual tree mortality after fire

  • C. Alina Cansler (Contributor)
  • Sharon M. Hood (Contributor)
  • J. Morgan Varner (Contributor)
  • Phillip J. Van Mantgem (Contributor)
  • Michelle C. Agne (Contributor)
  • Robert A. Andrus (Contributor)
  • Matthew P. Ayres (Contributor)
  • Bruce D. Ayres (Contributor)
  • Jonathan D. Bakker (Contributor)
  • Mike A. Battaglia (Contributor)
  • Barbara J. Bentz (Contributor)
  • C. R. Breece (Contributor)
  • James K. Brown (Contributor)
  • Daniel R. Cluck (Contributor)
  • Tom W. Coleman (Contributor)
  • R. Gregory Corace (Contributor)
  • W. Wallace Covington (Contributor)
  • Douglas S. Cram (Contributor)
  • James B. Cronan (Contributor)
  • Joseph E. Crouse (Contributor)
  • Adrian Das (Contributor)
  • Ryan S. Davis (Contributor)
  • D. M. Dickinson (Contributor)
  • Stephen A. Fitzgerald (Contributor)
  • Peter Z. Fulé (Contributor)
  • Lisa M. Ganio (Contributor)
  • Lindsay M. Grayson (Contributor)
  • Charles B. Halpern (Contributor)
  • Jim L. Hanula (Contributor)
  • Brian J. Harvey (Contributor)
  • J. Kevin Hiers (Contributor)
  • David W. Huffman (Contributor)
  • Mary Beth Keifer (Contributor)
  • Tara L. Keyser (Contributor)
  • Leda N. Kobziar (Contributor)
  • Thomas E. Kolb (Contributor)
  • Crystal A. Kolden (Contributor)
  • Karen E. Kopper (Contributor)
  • Jason R. Kreitler (Contributor)
  • Jesse K. Kreye (Contributor)
  • Andrew M. Latimer (Contributor)
  • Andrew P. Lerch (Contributor)
  • M. J. Lombardero (Contributor)
  • Virginia L. McDaniel (Contributor)
  • Charles W. McHugh (Contributor)
  • Joel D. McMillin (Contributor)
  • Jason J. Moghaddas (Contributor)
  • Joseph J. O’Brien (Contributor)
  • Daniel D.B. Perrakis (Contributor)
  • David W. Peterson (Contributor)
  • Susan J. Prichard (Contributor)
  • Robert A. Progar (Contributor)
  • Kenneth F. Raffa (Contributor)
  • Elizabeth D. Reinhardt (Contributor)
  • Joseph C. Restaino (Contributor)
  • John P. Roccaforte (Contributor)
  • Brendan M. Rogers (Contributor)
  • Kevin C. Ryan (Contributor)
  • H. D. Safford (Contributor)
  • Alyson E. Santoro (Contributor)
  • Timothy M. Shearman (Contributor)
  • Alice M. Shumate (Contributor)
  • Carolyn Hull Sieg (Contributor)
  • Sheri L. Smith (Contributor)
  • Rebecca J. Smith (Contributor)
  • Nathan L. Stephenson (Contributor)
  • Mary Stuever (Contributor)
  • Jens T. Stevens (Contributor)
  • Michael T. Stoddard (Contributor)
  • Walter G. Thies (Contributor)
  • Nicole M. Vaillant (Contributor)
  • Shelby A. Weiss (Contributor)
  • Douglas J. Westlind (Contributor)
  • Travis Woolley (Contributor)
  • Micah C. Wright (Contributor)



This dataset contains key characteristics about the data described in the Data Descriptor The Fire and Tree Mortality Database, for empirical modeling of individual tree mortality after fire. Contents: 1. human readable metadata summary table in CSV format 2. machine readable metadata file in JSON format
Date made available2020
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  • The Fire and Tree Mortality Database, for empirical modeling of individual tree mortality after fire

    Cansler, C. A., Hood, S. M., Varner, J. M., van Mantgem, P. J., Agne, M. C., Andrus, R. A., Ayres, M. P., Ayres, B. D., Bakker, J. D., Battaglia, M. A., Bentz, B. J., Breece, C. R., Brown, J. K., Cluck, D. R., Coleman, T. W., Corace, R. G., Covington, W. W., Cram, D. S., Cronan, J. B., Crouse, J. E., & 55 othersDas, A. J., Davis, R. S., Dickinson, D. M., Fitzgerald, S. A., Fulé, P. Z., Ganio, L. M., Grayson, L. M., Halpern, C. B., Hanula, J. L., Harvey, B. J., Kevin Hiers, J., Huffman, D. W., Keifer, M. B., Keyser, T. L., Kobziar, L. N., Kolb, T. E., Kolden, C. A., Kopper, K. E., Kreitler, J. R., Kreye, J. K., Latimer, A. M., Lerch, A. P., Lombardero, M. J., McDaniel, V. L., McHugh, C. W., McMillin, J. D., Moghaddas, J. J., O’Brien, J. J., Perrakis, D. D. B., Peterson, D. W., Prichard, S. J., Progar, R. A., Raffa, K. F., Reinhardt, E. D., Restaino, J. C., Roccaforte, J. P., Rogers, B. M., Ryan, K. C., Safford, H. D., Santoro, A. E., Shearman, T. M., Shumate, A. M., Sieg, C. H., Smith, S. L., Smith, R. J., Stephenson, N. L., Stuever, M., Stevens, J. T., Stoddard, M. T., Thies, W. G., Vaillant, N. M., Weiss, S. A., Westlind, D. J., Woolley, T. J. & Wright, M. C., Dec 1 2020, In: Scientific Data. 7, 1, 194.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    Open Access
    14 Scopus citations

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