• Elizabeth D. Keller (Contributor)
  • Timothy W. Hilton (Contributor)
  • Adrian Benson (Contributor)
  • Sapthala Karalliyadda (Contributor)
  • Shanju Xie (Contributor)
  • Kevin Gurney (Contributor)
  • Jocelyn C. Turnbull (Contributor)



Mahuika-Auckland is a spatially and temporally resolved CO2 emissions data product for Auckland, New Zealand. Annual totals are based on Auckland’s greenhouse gas and air emissions inventories for the year 2016. We divide fossil fuel emissions (CO2ff) into six sectors: on-road transport, industrial, commercial, residential, air transport, and sea transport. Emissions from Glenbrook Steel Mill (industrial CO2ff point source) are in a separate file because it is overwhelmingly larger than any other source, and it is located relatively far from the city centre in a semi-rural area. We also include separate layers representing biogenic CO2 emissions (CO2bio) (primarily waste and wood burning). Data are provided at 500 m gridded spatial resolution and at both an annual and a 1-hour time step in netcdf format. Note that for some sectors (air transport, commercial, industrial CO2bio, sea transport) the hourly file contains a single 24-hour cycle because the emissions for all days of the year are identical. The industrial CO2ff hourly file contains a single weekday because all weekdays are identical and weekends / holidays are zero. The on road hourly file contains both a weekday and weekend / holiday 24-hour cycle. A full year of hourly data are provided for the residential sector to capture monthly and seasonal variations.
Date made availableApr 8 2022

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