Holocene Reconstruction: Model and proxy data for running code

  • Michael P. Erb (Contributor)
  • Nicholas McKay (Contributor)
  • Nathan Steiger (Contributor)
  • Sylvia G. Dee (Contributor)
  • Chris Hancock (Contributor)
  • Ruza F. Ivanovic (Contributor)
  • Lauren J. Gregoire (Contributor)
  • P. J. Valdes (Contributor)



This is the model output and proxy data for running the Holocene data assimilation. The data assimilation code can be found by searching for "Holocene reconstruction code". Newer versions of the code may be found at https://github.com/Holocene-Reconstruction/Holocene-code. To read more about the Holocene data assimilation, see the paper Erb et al., 2022: "Reconstructing Holocene temperatures in time and space using paleoclimate data assimilation". Once downloaded, unzip this holocene_da_data.zip file. It contains a variety of directories. Some are empty but are present to accommodate output generated by the data assimilation code mentioned above. Directories with data are: models/original_model_data/TraCE_21ka/: TraCE-21ka temperature output from: https://www.earthsystemgrid.org/project/trace.html models/original_model_data/HadCM3_transient21k/: HadCM3 temperature output (the spatially smoothed version, signified by "_s" at the end of the filename) proxies/temp12k/ - Temperature 12k proxy records from: https://lipdverse.org/
Date made availableDec 8 2022

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