GEMTraits: A database and R package for accessing and analyzing plant functional traits from the Global Ecosystems Monitoring Network

  • Alexander Shenkin (Creator)
  • Lisa P. Bentley (Creator)
  • Norma Salinas (Contributor)
  • Benjamin Blonder (Contributor)
  • Miles Silman (Contributor)
  • Brian J. Enquist (Creator)
  • Gregory P. Asner (Creator)
  • Yadvinder Malhi (Contributor)
  • Cecile A. J. Girardin (Creator)
  • Sandra Díaz (Creator)
  • Brad Boyle (Contributor)
  • Christopher Doughty (Contributor)
  • William Farfan-Rios (Contributor)
  • Sarah J. Feakins (Contributor)
  • Gregory R. Goldsmith (Contributor)
  • Roberta E. Martin (Contributor)
  • Mong Sin Wu (Contributor)


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