Forest Structural Integrity Index

  • Kevin Barnett (Contributor)
  • Scott Goetz (Contributor)
  • Rafael De Camargo (Contributor)
  • Anne Virnig (Contributor)
  • Andrew Hansen (Contributor)
  • Susana Rodríguez-Buritica (Contributor)
  • Oscar Venter (Contributor)
  • Matt Hansen (Contributor)
  • James E. M. Watson (Contributor)
  • Linda Phillips (Contributor)
  • Patrick Burns (Contributor)
  • Patrick Jantz (Contributor)
  • Jamison Ervin (Contributor)
  • Christina Supples (Contributor)
  • Scott Atkinson (Contributor)



GeoTIFF representing an index of forest structural integrity across the moist broadleaf biome of the humid tropics in South America, Africa, and Asia.
Date made availableJan 1 2019
Publisherfigshare Academic Research System

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