FIGURES 3–14 in Genus Cyptophania Banks (Psocodea: ' Psocoptera': Lepidopsocidae): unique features, augmented description of the generotype, and descriptions of three new species

  • Edward L. Mockford (Contributor)
  • J. Judson Wynne (Contributor)



FIGURES 3–14. Structures of Cyptophania spp. (3) C. pakaratii n.sp. head and body with fore wings removed, dorsal view (hw = hind wing); (4) C. hirsuta Banks, hind wing; (5) C. costalis n.sp., maxillary palpus (setae not shown); (6) C. pakaratii n.sp., pretarsal claw; (7) C. pakaratii n.sp., female, right paraproct; Figs 8–14: C. hirsuta Banks, female. (8) lacinial tip; (9) fore wing; (10) inner edge of hind coxa showing coxal rasp; (11) ctenidia of hind t1; (12) ovipositor valvulae; (13) collar of spermathecal duct; (14) spermathecal sac (C = cutter). Scale bars = 0.1 mm unless indicated otherwise.
Date made availableDec 31 2013

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