FIGURE. Lobelia alanae M.A in A new species of Lobelia (Campanulaceae: Lobelioideae) from the Sierra Madre Oriental, Mexico

  • Miguel A. Pérez-Pérez (Contributor)
  • Tina J. Ayers (Contributor)
  • Jonathan D. Amith (Contributor)



FIGURE. Lobelia alanae M.A. Pérez-Pérez & T. Ayers A. Flowering branch. B. Flower from above showing lateral calyx lobes crossed over dorsal lobe. C. Capsule. D. Seed about 1 mm in length. E. Landscape of Espinazo del Diablo and Apulco river. F. Type locality. Pictures taken from the type collection M. Jiménez-Chimil and M. Gorostiza-Salazar 31421.
Date made availableOct 11 2022

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