FIGURE 8. Seira manukio n in Collembola of Rapa Nui (Easter Island) with descriptions of five endemic cave-restricted species

  • J. Judson Wynne (Contributor)
  • Ernest C. Bernard (Contributor)
  • Felipe N. Soto-Adames (Contributor)



FIGURE 8. Seira manukio n. sp. A) Dorsal macroseta on dens base. B) Metathoracic claw complex. C) Distal end of dens and mucro. D) Detail of eye patch. E) Dorsal chaetotaxy of head. Open circles represent macrosetae, small filled circles microsetae. F) Chaetotaxy of labium and postlabium. Open circles represent ciliate setae, filled circles are smooth setae, and 'V' represents scales. G) Ventral face of manubrium. H) Mesothorax chaetotaxy. Inset displays alternate arrangement of setae in paratype. I) Metathorax chaetotaxy. J) Chaetotaxy of first abdominal segment.
Date made availableDec 31 2015

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