Figure 5 from: McCabe LM, Chesshire PR, Smith DR, Wolf A, Gibbs J, Griswold TL, Wright KW, Cobb NS (2020) Bee species checklist of the San Francisco Peaks, Arizona. Biodiversity Data Journal 8: e49285.

  • Lindsie M. McCabe (Contributor)
  • Paige Chesshire (Contributor)
  • David R. Smith (Contributor)
  • Atticus Wolf (Contributor)
  • Jason Gibbs (Contributor)
  • Terry L. Griswold (Contributor)
  • Karen W. Wright (Contributor)
  • Neil Cobb (Contributor)



Figure 5 Percent of total species organized by family for each life zone (n=339 species for which we had accurate locality data to assign life zone designations). DS = desert shrub, DG = desert grassland, PJ = pinyon-juniper, PP = ponderosa pine, MC = mixed conifer, SF = spruce-fir. Numbers for each life zone sum to 100%.
Date made availableApr 10 2020

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