Figure 5 from: Beresic-Perrins RK, Govedich FR, Banister K, Bain BA, Rose D, Shuster SM (2017) Helobdella blinni sp. n. (Hirudinida, Glossiphoniidae) a new species inhabiting Montezuma Well, Arizona, USA. ZooKeys 661: 137-155.

  • Rebecca K. Beresic-Perrins (Contributor)
  • Fredric R. Govedich (Contributor)
  • Kelsey Banister (Contributor)
  • Bonnie A. Bain (Contributor)
  • Devin Rose (Contributor)
  • Stephen M. Shuster (Contributor)



Figure 5 - Bayesian Inference phylogenetic tree with 25% burn-in and support was assessed based on clade posterior probabilities tree. We included COI sequences from 31 species of Helobdella (family Glossiphoniidae). The Arizona populations are from Oak Creek (OC), Rio de Flag (RDF), and Montezuma Well (MW). Our outgroup included Cystobranchus salmositicus (Meyer, 1946), Gonimosobdella klemmi (Williams & Burreson, 2005), Myzobdella lugubris (Leidy, 1851), and Ozobranchus margoi (Davies, 1978). The shaded branches are the Arizona sample sequences. Branch labels include the Bayesian / ML probability. The blue nodes are supported by Bayesian Inference, Maximum-Likelihood, and parsimony analyses. The yellow nodes are supported by Bayesian Inference and Maximum-Likelihood analyses. The green nodes are supported by Bayesian Inference and parsimony analyses. The red nodes are supported by Bayesian Inference analysis only.
Date made availableMar 15 2017

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