FIGURE 4 in The Gyrinidae (Coleoptera) fauna of Thailand: Key to tribes and genera, with new records and keys to species of Dineutini and Gyrinini

  • Benjamart Suksai (Contributor)
  • Grey Gustafson (Contributor)
  • Robert W. Sites (Contributor)
  • Narumon Sangpradub (Contributor)



FIGURE 4. SEM photographs of protochanters in species of Dineutus and Porrorhynchus (males): (A) D. australis, patch of thick setae (arrow), scale bar = 100 μm; (B) D. sitesi, protrochanter without setae (arrow), scale bar = 1 mm; (C) D. spinosus, setae (arrow), scale bar = 100 μm; (D) D. unidentatus, setae (arrow), scale bar = 100 μm; (E–F) P. marginatus, cluster setae (square and arrow): (E) scale bar = 500 μm; (F) scale bar = 100 μm.
Date made availableNov 22 2021

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