FIGURE 3. A in Review of the genus Trichiotes Casey (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae: Pimeliinae: Edrotini), with the description of a new species and a preliminary checklist of the Tenebrionidae from Cuatrociénegas, Mexico

  • Christopher C. Wirth (Contributor)
  • Aaron D. Smith (Contributor)



FIGURE 3. A) Trichiotes lightfooti pronotum (foveae and setae omitted). B) Trichiotes seriatus pronotum (foveae and setae omitted). C) Trichiotes lightfooti abdominal ventrites 1 and 2. D) Trichiotes seriatus abdominal ventrites 1 and 2. E) Proximal extent of T. lightfooti metafemora and metatibia.
Date made availableNov 14 2017

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