FIGURE 2 in LepNet: The Lepidoptera of North America Network

  • Frank Thorsten Krell (Contributor)
  • M. Anne Basham (Contributor)
  • Katja Seltmann (Contributor)
  • Charles Bundy (Contributor)
  • Anthony Cognato (Contributor)
  • Charles E. Harp (Contributor)
  • Stephen P. Cook (Contributor)
  • Norman Johnson (Contributor)
  • Jon K. Gelhaus (Contributor)
  • Stacey Huber (Contributor)
  • Christy Bills (Contributor)
  • Charles R. Bartlett (Contributor)
  • Isabelle Betancourt (Contributor)
  • Steve L. Heydon (Contributor)
  • Kathryn M. Daly (Contributor)
  • Lawrence F. Gall (Contributor)
  • Akito Y. Kawahara (Contributor)
  • Benjamin Brandt (Contributor)
  • Rachel L. Hawkins (Contributor)
  • Sangmi Lee (Contributor)
  • Boris C. Kondratieff (Contributor)
  • Julia Colby (Contributor)
  • Geena M. Hill (Contributor)
  • Richard L. Brown (Contributor)
  • Christopher C. Grinter (Contributor)
  • Nico M. Franz (Contributor)
  • Lynn S. Kimsey (Contributor)
  • Luc Leblanc (Contributor)
  • Lee A. Dyer (Contributor)
  • Michael S. Caterino (Contributor)
  • Neil S. Cobb (Northern Arizona University) (Contributor)
  • Caitlin Chapman (Contributor)



FIGURE 2. Existing (black) and expected (blue, yellow, and green) number of records to be produced by LepNet for the 3 major groups and 15 families of Lepidoptera that are most common in the collections of the partner institutions. Existing records were obtained from the SCAN and iDigBio data portals.
Date made availableDec 31 2017

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