Figure 2 from: McCabe LM, Chesshire PR, Smith DR, Wolf A, Gibbs J, Griswold TL, Wright KW, Cobb NS (2020) Bee species checklist of the San Francisco Peaks, Arizona. Biodiversity Data Journal 8: e49285.

  • Lindsie M. McCabe (Contributor)
  • Paige Chesshire (Contributor)
  • David R. Smith (Contributor)
  • Atticus Wolf (Contributor)
  • Jason Gibbs (Contributor)
  • Terry L. Griswold (Contributor)
  • Karen W. Wright (Contributor)
  • Neil Cobb (Contributor)



Figure 2 Collection events of new species documentation on the San Francisco Peaks. The purple line represents the number of new species records, and the green line shows the cumulative addition of species to the San Francisco Peaks area.
Date made availableApr 10 2020

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