Figure 2 from: Beresic-Perrins RK, Govedich FR, Banister K, Bain BA, Rose D, Shuster SM (2017) Helobdella blinni sp. n. (Hirudinida, Glossiphoniidae) a new species inhabiting Montezuma Well, Arizona, USA. ZooKeys 661: 137-155.

  • Rebecca K. Beresic-Perrins (Contributor)
  • Fredric R. Govedich (Contributor)
  • Kelsey Banister (Contributor)
  • Bonnie A. Bain (Contributor)
  • Devin Rose (Contributor)
  • Stephen M. Shuster (Contributor)



Figure 2 - Internal and external morphology of Helobdella blinni sp. n. A dorsal view of the eyes and extended proboscis B crop and post caecae C testisacs D ventral view of internal eggs which have not been oviposited yet E ventral view of white eggs that have been oviposited F ventral view of attached and detached offspring.
Date made availableMar 15 2017

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