FACE-MDS Phase 2: Data from Six US-Located Elevated CO2 Experiments

  • Anthony P. Walker (Creator)
  • Martin G. De Kauwe (Creator)
  • L. F. Fenstermaker (Creator)
  • Bruce Hungate (Creator)
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Measured ecosystem data from five Free Air CO2 Enrichment (FACE) experiments -- Duke, Nevada Desert (NDFF), Oak Ridge (ORNL), Prairie Heating and CO2 Experiment in Wyoming (PHACE), and Rhinelander -- and one Open Top Chamber (OTC) experiment -- Kennedy Space Center. These six sites were the study sites of the FACE Model Data Synthesis (FACE-MDS) project phase 2. File naming convention can be found in the file 'facemds-file-table-sitedata.xml' and information about variable naming convention can be found in the file 'facemds-standard-name-table-modvars.xml'. We followed the ALMA v3 convention for meteorological variables and developed a hierarchical naming scheme for ecosystem variables. Additional info can be found in the protocols in the accompanying meteorological dataset (doi:10.15485/1480328). We replaced the original naming convention mentioned in the protocol with the one described in 'facemds-standard-name-table-modvars.xml'.Updated: 28th June 2019 --- daily files at Duke and ORNL were incorrectly labelled and were standard error files instead of plot level data. Now corrected and all three (plot, mean, sem) daily data files for both sites have been added.
Date made available2018
PublisherEnvironmental System Science Data Infrastructure for a Virtual Ecosystem; Free Air CO2 Enrichment Model Data Synthesis (FACE-MDS)
Geographical coverageRhinelander FACE. Free Air CO2 Enrichment experiment at Harshaw Experimental Forest, Wisconsin, USA

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