Data, Photographs, Videos, and Information for the Niwot Ridge Subalpine Forest (US-NR1) AmeriFlux site

  • Sean P. Burns (Creator)
  • Peter D. Blanken (Creator)
  • Russ Monson (Creator)
  • David R. Bowling (Contributor)
  • Andrew A. Turnipseed (Contributor)
  • Mark Raleigh (Contributor)
  • Noah Molotch (Contributor)
  • Andrew Richardson (Contributor)
  • Max Berkelhammer (Contributor)
  • Steven Oncley (Contributor)
  • Gordon Maclean (Contributor)
  • Dean Anderson (Contributor)



This data package contains data and information about the operation of the Niwot Ridge Subalpine Forest AmeriFlux site (US-NR1) between Nov 1998 to the present (2020). This data archive supplements the primary 30-min data storage for the US-NR1 data (i.e., by providing the following: (i) five-minute statistics (means, variances, covariances) of all data measured by the data system between Nov 1998 and September 2020 in netCDF format, (ii) CSV data files saved within the memory of the CR23X data loggers (as well as an archive of the data logger programs), (iii) an archive of previous 30-min ASCII data versions of the US-NR1 AmeriFlux data and information related to each data release (a replica of what can be found at, (iv) a web calendar (in HTML format) documenting activity at the site (a replica of, (v) photos (over 15,000) and video taken at the site between years 2001 and present day (2020), and (vi) several auxiliary datasets, primary related to trees near the site, soil moisture and soil temperature, and subcanopy radiation data. The data package is setup so that the web calendar, photos, and electronic logbook can be easily accessed on a local computer using a web browser. The provided data files are in either netCDF, CSV, ASCII, or MATLAB format. To obtain a better understanding about the archive, please start by reading the PDF: README_ESS_DIVE_USNR1_readme_first.pdf.
Date made available2020
PublisherEnvironmental System Science Data Infrastructure for a Virtual Ecosystem; AmeriFlux Management Project
Geographical coverageUS-NR1, Niwot Ridge Subalpine Forest, Colorado, United States of America, North America

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