Data from: Resistance of soil biota and plant growth to disturbance increases with plant diversity

  • Jonathan A. Bennett (Contributor)
  • Alexander M. Koch (Contributor)
  • Jennifer Forsythe (Contributor)
  • Nancy Johnson (Contributor)
  • D. Tilman (Contributor)
  • John Klironomos (Contributor)



Plant diversity is critical to the functioning of ecosystems, potentially mediated in part by interactions with soil biota. Here, we characterized multiple groups of soil biota across a plant diversity gradient in a long-term experiment. We then subjected soil samples taken along this gradient to drought, freezing, and a mechanical disturbance to test how plant diversity affects the responses of soil biota and growth of a focal plant to these disturbances. High plant diversity resulted in soils that were dominated by fungi and associated soil biota, including increased arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and reduced plant-feeding nematodes. Disturbance effects on the soil biota were reduced when plant diversity was high, resulting in higher growth of the focal plant in all but the frozen soils. These results highlight the importance of plant diversity for soil communities and their resistance to disturbance, with potential feedback effects on plant productivity.
Date made availableOct 9 2020

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