Allometric modelling of plant biomass from drone-acquired photographs: drone images, ground control marker coordinates and biomass data from 36 sites, 2016-2020

  • A. Cunliffe (Contributor)
  • K. Anderson (Contributor)
  • F. Boschetti (Contributor)
  • H. Graham (Contributor)
  • R. Brazier (Contributor)
  • I. Myers-Smith (Contributor)
  • T. Astor (Contributor)
  • M. Boer (Contributor)
  • L. Calvo (Contributor)
  • P. Clark (Contributor)
  • M. Cramer (Contributor)
  • M. Encinas-Lara (Contributor)
  • S. Escarzaga (Contributor)
  • J. Fernández-Guisuraga (Contributor)
  • A. Fisher (Contributor)
  • K. Gdulová (Contributor)
  • B. Gillespie (Contributor)
  • A. Griebel (Contributor)
  • N. Hanan (Contributor)
  • M. Hanggito (Contributor)
  • S. Haselberger (Contributor)
  • C. Havrilla (Contributor)
  • W. Ji (Contributor)
  • J. Karl (Contributor)
  • M. Kirchhoff (Contributor)
  • S. Kraushaar (Contributor)
  • M. Lyons (Contributor)
  • I. Marzolff (Contributor)
  • M. Mauritz (Contributor)
  • C. McIntire (Contributor)
  • D. Metzen (Contributor)
  • L. Méndez-Barroso (Contributor)
  • S. Power (Contributor)
  • J. Prošek (Contributor)
  • E. Sanz-Ablanedo (Contributor)
  • K. Sauer (Contributor)
  • D. Schulze-Brüninghoff (Contributor)
  • P. Šímová (Contributor)
  • J. Smit (Contributor)
  • C. Steele (Contributor)
  • S. Suárez-Seoane (Contributor)
  • C. Tweedie (Contributor)
  • S. Vargas (Contributor)
  • M. Villarreal (Contributor)
  • F. Visser (Contributor)
  • M. Wachendorf (Contributor)
  • H. Wirnsberger (Contributor)
  • R. Wojcikiewicz (Contributor)



This dataset contains RGB photographs acquired from drone surveys. There are 741 harvest plots from 38 surveys at 36 sites around the world. Each site was approximately 1 ha in area. Included with the photographic images are the coordinates of ground control markers, biomass, taxonomic and location data for harvest plots and ancillary metadata. The observations can be used to obtain allometric size-biomass models. This work was supported by the Natural Environment Research Council award number NE/R00062X/1 as part of the project 'Do dryland ecosystems control variability and recent trends in the land CO2 sink?',These datasets were collected using a standardised sampling protocol during peak biomass by multiple teams using different equipment. Datasets have been reviewed and further details are available in the supporting documentation. Further information on the collection and processing of these data are given in Cunliffe et al. ‘Drone photogrammetry-derived canopy height predicts aboveground biomass across non-forest ecosystems’ (In Press) and the accompanying supplementary materials.,
Date made availableJan 1 2020
PublisherNatural Environment Research Council

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