Additional file 7: Figure S4. of Comparative genomic analyses reveal broad diversity in botulinum-toxin-producing Clostridia

  • Miia Lindström (Contributor)
  • Hannu Korkeala (Contributor)
  • Rafael A. Fernández (Contributor)
  • Charles H D Williamson (Contributor)
  • Karen Hill (Contributor)
  • Jeff Foster (Contributor)
  • Brian T. Foley (Contributor)
  • Paul Keim (Contributor)
  • Gary Xie (Contributor)
  • Leonard A. Smith (Contributor)
  • Jason W. Sahl (Contributor)
  • Theresa J. Smith (Contributor)



Group II concatenated MLST gene phylogeny. Phylogeny of aligned (MUSCLE [57]) and concatenated MLST genes for Group II genomes inferred with FastTree2 [54]. The MLST profile included 16S rRNA genes, atpD, guaA, gyrB, ilvD, lepA, mutL, oppB, pta, pyc, recA, rpoB, trpB and tuf [22]. Taxa labeled C. botulinum are WGS samples. Taxa labeled with single-word name include serotype E strains for which the MLST genes were sequenced by MacDonald and colleagues [22]. (PDF 37 kb)
Date made availableJan 1 2016
Publisherfigshare Academic Research System

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