Additional file 2: Table S2. of Comparative genomic analyses reveal broad diversity in botulinum-toxin-producing Clostridia

  • Charles H D Williamson (Creator)
  • Jason Sahl (Creator)
  • Theresa J. Smith (Creator)
  • Gary Xie (Creator)
  • Brian T. Foley (Creator)
  • Leonard A. Smith (Creator)
  • Rafael A. Fernández (Contributor)
  • Miia Lindström (Contributor)
  • Hannu Korkeala (Creator)
  • Paul Keim (Creator)
  • Jeff Foster (Creator)
  • K. K. Hill (Creator)
  • Jason Sahl (Creator)



Information regarding publicly available genomes examined in this study. Table of information regarding genomes included in this study. (XLSX 27 kb)
Date made available2016
Publisherfigshare Academic Research System

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